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If you would like to submit your own views on spirituality, philosophy, or anything relating to human behaviour, and have them displayed on this website, you can either email submissions to me (please, no attachments - include your article in the message body - use "rich text" or "styled" to retain formatting. Type 'Guest Article' in the subject line); or if you have a web site, you can upload an HTML file, give me the address of the submission, and I will copy the text. NOTE: any short comments can be put in the guestbook; this section is for more detailed writings. Anything from several paragraphs, to complete essays are permissible, but try not to exceed 1500 words.
- DO NOT copy & paste the above email address: the @ symbol is only an image, which prevents automated address harvesting.

- Articles do not have to agree with this site, and can even be arguments against it; however, the material must be of interest to the people who would normally visit.
- The bulk of any submission must be original; if it is displayed, the copyright will be attributed to you, and you will be solely responsible for any copyright infringement. Make sure any quotes you use are correctly attributed.
- Material on this website is exhibited for educational purposes, so 'Fair Use' ('Fair Dealings') copyright provisions apply, and no fees are paid for guest articles.
- You must provide a name and email address to me; they do not have to be displayed with your article (tell me if you do not want your name and/or email displayed). I will provide a text link to your homepage with your submission, if you so desire. No links within the body of the text.
- Submissions may be subject to editing for spelling and clarity, but you will have the final say. Of course: "keep it clean".
- Please identify your submission as such in your email.
- Articles written expressly for the purpose of promoting a website, product, or service will not be considered. An article must communicate a complete message or concept without relying upon external links.


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