REASONED SPIRITUALITY: exploring spirituality, the meaning of life, the concept of God.

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The Reasoned Spirituality award for "Sites of Substance" is for websites that have actual content; homepages that simply have photos and information of a personal nature, need not apply. Sites deserving of this award contain free information that is intelligent, thought-provoking, educational, and/or of genuine value to a significant number of people. Free content on a website must outweigh commercial content: webmasters with sites that are primarily a vehicle for selling a product or service should apply elsewhere for a more appropriate award.

I qualify the term 'value', due to the fact that pages which pander to sexuality may be important to a large number of people; but I do not consider them, nor sites of an equivalent nature, to be of genuine use to humanity. Therefore, there is a moral element involved here as well. If you come across a website that you feel has simply "borrowed" the award; please let me know.

This is not one of those awards that is available to anyone who asks. If you believe your site to be one that has something interesting to say, or you wish to nominate someone else's pages, please contact me with the URL, and I will review the website.
- DO NOT copy & paste the above email address: the @ symbol is only an image, which prevents automated address harvesting.


For an example of a homepage that qualifies for the award, visit:

Mythos & Logos

Eye For Beauty

Empiric Logic

Astroenergetic Studies

Science of Religion

Central Sun

Alchemy Lab

Night Owl mk II

Geleg's Buddhist Home Page



12 Turnings of the Dhammacakka


Spiritual Information Center

Wild Goose Celtic Spirituality

Fruhbuddhismus und Theravada

Queequeg's Crossing

Behind Bars

A Celtic Heart Remembers



Fire Through Spirit

Alliance for a Clean Environment

A La Carte

Triple Moon Magic

Anjas Tarot

Positively Positive

READ 180 Dragon Den

World Paper Currency Gallery

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