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ďas each of us can live but one life, a choice must perforce be made.
We choose in reality without ceasing; without ceasing, also, we abandon many things.
The route we pursue in time is strewn with the remains of all that we began to be,
of all that we might have become.
But nature, which has at command an incalculable number of lives,
is in no wise bound to make such sacrifices"

[Henri Bergson - 1907]


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For years, I have been teaching people a form of spirituality that eliminates the need for a god formed in man's image; that does not require angels, devils, or other mythical entities. There is none of the ancient cultural influences, such as sexism, elitism, or racism. The teachings are based upon reason.

This site is the result of people insisting that I start writing this down. The text may seem somewhat disjointed; but I write the way I teach: 1 - certain principles must be established in advance. 2 - you must understand why humans are the way they are. 3 - you only receive the pieces to the puzzle; you will not truly understand unless you are able to piece everything together into the whole: otherwise, this would be like the religions of the world, where you are told what to think, and are expected to blindly follow, without comprehension.

This is not a religion; but a way of looking at life. The ideals put forward on this site will fit within a religious belief, and I have no intention of changing anyone's faith; in fact, everyone content within their own sect should remain so: none of us have the right to disturb people who gain fulfillment from a certain belief, provided they do no harm to others. People require different manifestations of a concept, to be able to grasp a meaning to life; if this requires making everything anthropomorphic, then so be it. I am simply putting forward the logical roots of mankind's beliefs, and I welcome any reasoned argument against my statements. [May 1998]



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