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Bush Protest Placards


Want a protest poster, but don't have the time to design something complicated? These are all sized for standard eight-and-a-half by eleven glossy paper. Not only are they applicable to the Iraq war, but most will still be useful during the next wars Bush Jr. will start prior to (and in our worst nightmares, after) the election.

Click on the small image to see the full-sized version. If you want a copy click "File" on your browser, then "Save"/"Save As" while viewing the full-sized image. Return to this page from the large image by clicking "Back" on the browser.


Amerika Uber Alles 1

"Deutschland über alles" didn't work out for Nazi Germany, but it sure seems like George W. Bush wants to try out his own variant of Hitler's catchphrase. Quite popular in last peace march. JPEG grayscale portrait.

Amerika Uber Alles 2

A more blatant take on the idea. Received lots of compliments during recent demonstrations. JPEG grayscale portrait.

Axis of Evil

America's Bush, Australia's Howard, and England's Blair. JPEG full-colour portrait.

 Grim Reaper

A more casual sign. GIF colour portrait.

New World Order

Bush's "New World Order". A more appropriate flag to rally around during an invasion. GIF colour landscape.

Any images you might like to contribute to this page are welcome.


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