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Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism

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International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism - Hanazono University.

The American Zen Association

The Gateless Gate - by Ekai (AKA: Mumon).

Xu Yun (empty cloud) - Jy Din Shakya.

Book of Chuang-Tzu - by Chuang-Tzu (AKA: Zhuang Zi, Chuang Chou), et al. J. Legge translation.
Book of Chuang-Tzu - by Chuang-Tzu, et al. The Chinese Text Project.
Book of Chuang-Tzu - by Chuang-Tzu, et al.
Book of Chuang-Tzu - 11 of the 33 chapters. Yutang Lin (or Lin Yutang) translation.
(Note: Ch'an "Buddhism" is primarily based on the Taoist writings of Chuang-Tzu)

thezensite - This site is dedicated to a better understanding of Zen Buddhism. Here you will find access to a wide variety of materials about Zen Buddhism, its history, teachings, and philosophy as well as some critiques of Zen. This site is part of the Zen Buddhism Virtual Library.

Zen Articles - Zen Articles features tips, techniques, links and a regularly updated blog designed to help you achieve your wildest dreams: be they personal, social, scientific or spiritual. In addition, Zen Articles also serves as the host to the Zen Presence System.


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