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Only sites with appropriate and sufficient content will be listed in the index. Webpages that are primarily commercial with little suitable content will be deleted. Submitting the same website repeatedly to the index ("spamming") will result in removal of ALL entries for that site, and all related pages may be permanently barred from this index.

If your website contains specific sections devoted to topics that qualify for this directory, please submit pages individually. Pages below your index.html page must contain enough content to warrant a separate listing, otherwise submit the homepage. If your site contains considerable content that is not relevant to the directory, submit only the pages that are relevant.

If you have a website about one topic, and it contains multiple pages, only submit the homepage. For example: your site is about Buddhism, and you have ten pages, each with different things like Buddhist quotes, Buddhist meditation, Buddhist rules of conduct, etc, on them; do not submit ten pages - just list the homepage under "Theology - Buddhism."

URL's submitted to the Theology section must be useful resources, or based on intelligent discourse. Sites which simply insist upon the "rightness" of a particular religion, without an argument to support such a claim, belong in a different type of directory.

You can suggest other people's URL's that you think belong in this directory.

Webpages are reviewed prior to being listed. Not all submissions will be accepted. does not endorse a Microsoft monopoly. Pages using certain MS code (non-standard HTML in Microsoft products, such as some found in Frontpage) that prevents other browsers from loading or properly displaying content will not be listed.

- "Philosophy of Mind" is a specific discipline of philosophy, not a category for "things to think about".
- "Disorders" are as categorised by the DSM/ICD; it may be helpful to preview the category prior to submission.

Due to the proliferation of automated spamming programs that seek out and fill in search directory forms, submissions must now be submitted manually. Unfortunately, this means more work for both you and I, but attempting to filter through thousands of false submissions for every valid one has become impractical.

To submit a site, use the following format in your email:





Suggest a category: (optional).

Write "URL" in the subject line, and email the information to:
- DO NOT copy & paste the above email address: the @ symbol is only an image, which prevents automated address harvesting.


URL: The address to your webpage. For example, this particular page's address is [back]

TITLE: (maximum 64 characters) What your webpage is called. For example, the directory part of this domain is titled " - your gateway to wisdom on the web". Do not include HTML code in this field. [back]

DESCRIPTION: (maximum 350 characters) A brief description of your site. No HTML. No superlative phrases ("world's greatest", "the best website on the net", etc). [back]

Pick a category: Browse the index to find a category that best describes your page. You can list each webpage in up to three different categories. Pick choices that accurately describe your content: inappropriate entries will be deleted. An incomplete list of the categories appears at the bottom of this page. [back]

Suggest a category: If none of the categories accurately describe your site, you can suggest one or two here. Use the same style as the listed choices: for example, "Philosophy - Epiphenomenalism" [back]

Philosophy - General
Philosophy - Personal
Philosophy - Aesthetics
Philosophy - Determinism
Philosophy - Epistemology
Philosophy - Ethics
Philosophy - Existentialism
Philosophy - Logic
Philosophy - Metaphysics
Philosophy - Objectivism
Philosophy - Pantheism
Philosophy - Philosophers
Philosophy - Philosophy of Mind
Psychology - Disorders
Psychology - General
Psychology - Behaviourism
Psychology - Child
Psychology - Conditioning
Psychology - DSM
Psychology - Freudian
Psychology - Gestalt
Psychology - Jungian
Psychology - Neuropsych
Psychology - Transpersonal
Theology - Personal
Theology - Atheism/Agnosticism
Theology - Abrahamic - Baha'i
Theology - Abrahamic - Calvinism
Theology - Abrahamic - Catholicism
Theology - Abrahamic - Christian
Theology - Abrahamic - Christian Science
Theology - Abrahamic - Islam
Theology - Abrahamic - Jehovah's Witness
Theology - Abrahamic - Judaism
Theology - Abrahamic - Judaism - Cabala
Theology - Abrahamic - LDS
Theology - Abrahamic - personal/other
Theology - Abrahamic - 7th Day Adventist
Theology - Abrahamic - Unification Church
Theology - Buddhist
Theology - Confucian
Theology - Deism
Theology - Hinduism
Theology - Pantheism (spiritual)
Theology - Scientology
Theology - Shinto
Theology - Sikh
Theology - Spirituality
Theology - Taoism
Theology - Unitarian Universalism
Theology - Universal Life Church


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