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God's Universe and The Law

Godís Universe
In times past man seeking God worshiped the creation of God rather than God The Creator. Man worshiped the Earth, Fire, Water and Air that God created. Then man found that the planets influenced man, and worshiped the constellations. (The Law of God.)

The Law of Mercy
Mercy stops action reaction. When someone hits you and you donít hit them back, you suffer their sin and thatís the end of the matter. Love covers all sin. If you break the commandments given by God to Moses you are under the law. While you are in the flesh you will return evil for evil. Even though you want to do good you will do evil. For example when you try saying something nice about a person that has offended you, you return a nasty remark to them.

Walking In The Spirit
If you are walking in the Spirit you are not under the law. You keep the law because you love your neighbor as your self. That is you do not lie, steal, etc. from your neighbor. If you are walking in the Spirit and not the flesh, you are not under the law. When the body is dead you can return good for evil. You do not react to action reaction any more. You can turn the other cheek. You are to overcome evil with good.

Godís Justice
God created the universe and placed within it the law that brings justice. Time is no object. The Jews are just starting to get their home land back after over two thousand years. God works through people. God is Spirit. The only way you worship God is in Spirit and truth. God reads the heart.

It Doesn't Matter What You Believe.
The Gentiles kept the law by nature even though they were not given the law. Just as you keep the law. The law brings wrath. God made man in his image. You are commanded to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. When you break the commandment you are under the law. It doesn't matter what you believe.

A Sacrifice For Sin
When someone sins their is a price to pay. A sacrifice has to be made. Either by the person that broke the law or through mercy given by someone else. For example when someone is put in jail they have to pay the bail, or it is paid by someone else that is merciful, and sacrifices for them. Rulers are appointed by God.

How The Law Works
When someone kills someone their job is to find other law breakers that they can't tolerate and kill them. They sleep with a gun knowing that someone is going to kill them. We put them in jail keeping them separated so they don't kill one another.

You Become Responsible
When you put a cricket in a cage you become responsible for him. You have to feed and care for him. When winter comes and he would have died, you are still caring for him.

Not Oppose Evil
Jesus preached that you should not oppose evil, but turn the other cheek. Mercy stops action reaction. You are to overcome evil with good. This is the teaching of the New Covenant of Mercy. YOUR mercy stops action reaction.

Forgiving your neighbor is almost the hardest thing that you have ever done in your entire life. To forgive your neighbor you have to overcome, and break the law. AS you do you receive. The law is written in the cosmos. As you forgive others God, and others forgive you. God is a Just God.

We learn through experiences that come into our lives teaching us what we need to know. People are addicted to sex, drugs, adultery, lying, stealing, etc. They can spend the rest of their lives trying to overcome one of these sins. Or they can sit down and repent and change their life in twenty minutes. Repent and sin no more. A new beginning.

Led By The Spirit
The flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh, and these are contrary the one to the other, so that you cannot do the things that you would. If you are led of the Spirit you are not under the law. Itís really amazing how that when your thoughts go up in Spirit that all the lusts disappear.

Not By Faith, But Knowledge, And Understanding
Now that you understand the law of action reaction you are no longer doing good through blind faith.

Just because churches have become corrupt is no reason for you not to worship God in Spirit and truth. The only thing wrong with churches is that they are filled with people, and people will be people. As Jesus said they place huge burdens on people and lift not one finger to help them.

Finding God
God is within you. The Kingdom is within you. All things come through God. Seek God within yourself.

May you find rest and peace. ~Karyl

Karyl Marshall
The Gospel Preached by Jesus Christ