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The Manu's of the Collective Unconscious

by T. Stokes


Amongst the many theories of psychologist and occultist Carl Jung, was the possibility that all thoughts are collected in a huge reservoir of knowledge. Occultists refer to this as the “Akashic records” this is the realm of all thoughts ideas and actions. Jung gave it a more presentable name, “the collective unconscious” and those who, with discipline and meditation, have witnessed this phenomenon, all agree it is an amazing experience, and I who can be sceptical, did not believe in this until I saw for myself. Edgar Cayce was among the best of modern practitioners.

To see and feel the past as it happened, makes a total mockery of our history books. A Practical example of this is the fact that the inventor of the motorised carriage in 1885 which we now call the “motorcar”, Carl Benz, although working in secret, had an almost identical “horseless carriage” invented by Gottlieb Daimler, which was immediately followed by several other of inventors, including one in Britain called the Bremer car.

The theory runs that, an idea comes down the spheres until it is grasped by the inventor, but the idea can simultaneously be also grasped by other inventors, so an idea is rarely taken up by just one person. Another example of separate inventors coming to a common goal, is the atomic bomb.

But if this “collective unconscious” is an accepted phenomenon, - and even the quacks and sceptics do admit it is highly likely - lets not forget that argument in logic, and I think Conan-Doyle said similar, that says, “the most likely answers to a problem must be accepted, until other answers can later be found”.

And this is one problem with witness sightings of U.F.O.’s, the government explanations are often more far-out than the phenomenon, in fact a senior colleague at Lakenheath U.S. air base says this is just black humour to make fun of those who report these sightings.

But if we humans do have a repository for our thoughts, in fact if all peoples thoughts ever were in some cosmic basket, then why is there no such basket for animals?

And of course there is. The ancient Egyptians had a “Manu”, or overseer, for each animal kingdom, and their headed gods were their representations of the group soul or “collective unconscious” of each animal kingdom, and this can be contacted under certain conditions. Understand these collective animal intelligences are angry at their treatment by humans, we must be in no doubt.

The Egyptians were aware of this, and is noted by the Christians taking the word overseer, in its Roman version of “bishop”, to act as a governor over the peoples; the terminology was even equated to a shepherd and his flock..

There are magical practitioners who have associated themselves with animal species and have become such like as “horse whisperers” or those who can identify with those animals. A cave in Namibia, contains a superb wall painting 27,000 years old, of a man with a lions head and jaw, other cave paintings are 32,000 years old, remember, Christ was only 2,000 years ago. The veneration of animals with human attributes is a world wide phenomenon, and is known as Therianthropism, and these pictures duplicate Hindu deities which are too similar for coincidence.

Even countries have their Manu, which is why peoples the world over are different, because nations too have their group soul. In the holy book “The laws of Manu” circa1500 B.C it says - and it can be no plainer than this - “the great sages approached Manu, who was seated with a collected mind”

A collected mind? can this be the collective unconscious Jung describes? Today this is often called the universal mind, and this repository of all knowledge exists in the “Akasha” or ether which Theosophists say exists all around us, and is the building blocks of Earth Air, Fire and Water.

Just as a fish cannot see the water in which it swims, so we do not see the air in which we humans do our day to day living, but this air contains within its atomic structures this same Akasha or ether, containing everything that has ever happened.

This is an incredible theory, those who have experience of it see it as fact. Many who talk of it have never seen it, the paranormal is full just now of flannellers, quacks and knockers, and this makes many people slaves to the sceptics.

Marianed once said:

  “he that will not learn is a bigot,
  he that cannot reason is a fool,
  and he that dare not reason is a slave”

Always keep an open doorway into the mind, and the occasional visitors of knowledge and wisdom, must always, on their rare visits, be made our welcome guests.


Copyright©2005 by T. Stokes - paranormal studies lecturer