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"Where We Come From Debate" by Navid Masud.


To a western reader it will be surprising to hear a Muslim point of view on creation and to realise that there is a very different way of understanding the cosmos in terms of sacred Scriptures (than the way one perceives in the interplay between the Christian Bible and modern science). The latter, of course, constitutes much of the agenda in the renaissance of Science & Religion in the West.

Unlike the Bible the Quran does not provide a unified description of the creation. Instead of a continuous narration there are passages scattered all over the book. To gain a clear idea of how these events are presented, the fragments scattered throughout a large number of suras (verses) have to be brought together. For many European commentators, the description of creation in the Quran is very similar to the one in Bible and they are quite content to present the two descriptions side by side--however this is misleading because Quran contains additional information which firstly has no equivalent in Bible and secondly some of those verses are so advanced from the time of their revelation that their proper significance can only be understood as our understanding of the laws of nature has improved. Far too many Christians, due to cultural and historical reasons, are against any refection about Islam in principle. It is on account of this that they remain totally ignorant of what Islam is in reality, and retain notions about Islamic Revelation which are entirely misplaced.

Quran also contains widely dispersed references on a variety of subjects relating to natural phenomenon which are not only scientifically accurate but in some cases quite advanced relative to the time of Prophet Mohammed. For the non Muslims who question the authenticity of the Quran these references provide some interesting answers. Amongst various goals of the modern science are to peep back in time and explain as how did this universe achieve this rationality, look deeper and deeper in molecular structures and explain how did they achieve this complexity and elegance, look at the wide diversity of life and explain how did man achieve this top slot --- Is it by intelligent design as some Christian creationist might suggest or is it by blind forces of natural selection as some Darwinian evangelist would have us to believe. The Islamic answer might come as a surprise to many Muslims and non Muslims alike. It is neither. The creation being alive from tiny particle to self conscious man has attained these values both physical and behavioural aspects by Free Will. God merely Wills and His creation fulfills that Wish without God lifting the finger by attaining those values by Free Choice. How this process of selection by free will occurs --- please read on the main article.


In the pages of Noble Quran, we read: "Moreover God turned to heaven when it was smoke and said to it and to the earth: come willingly or unwillingly! They said: we come in willing obedience." --- 41 (11)
It can be inferred from this statement that the creation willingly struggles and creates itself based on Divine Will as revealed through "model examples/species" for the love of the Creator under its own conscious enlightenment and the Creator guides and directs His Creation to achieve its Purpose according to the level of consciousness attained and than selects from what creation produces at each stage an ideal closest to His Ideal for further creative activity. The first such "model example" of the revealed Law was "light” and first living substance was the nucleus mass of the universe itself--following this cycle we achieved self consciousness in "stages" starting from the moment of Big Bang.


As blood runs through the veins of a living organism so a current of life runs through all matter although it may appear to us to be dead. It is alive because it has properties on account of which it acts and behaves. It responds to outside situations and stimuli as the animal or the human being does. Its activity follows definite laws, which are studied by the physicists and the chemists. The activity of the animal and of man also proceeds in accordance with definite principles, which are studied by the behaviourists and the psychologists. Matter is life from another point of view as there could have been no organic life without matter and its laws. The laws of matter seem to have been designed in order to make possible the development of higher stages of life on Earth. Matter is primitive life and the laws governing it have fixed tendencies developed by it just as instincts have been developed by the animal.

Since in the process of development of the universe what real has emerged at the top creative stage of Man, it is attainment of Self-consciousness – highest kind of awareness which has made the man consciousness of himself, we can infer from it that all the creative stages of the universe (both inorganic and organic) preceding the present Self-conscious Stage of Man have the characteristics of consciousness also. Thus all the development stages right from particle to the present creative stage of Man are living and conscious relative to the conscious level of the stage. It further reveals that the development of universe in successive stages implies development of consciousness in steps or stages.


The behaviour of matter at the cosmic stage is simple motion of celestial bodies and can be expressed in mathematical terms--as it is fixed behaviour--the corresponding free will at this level or stage of creation is also fixed - i.e. when matter repulses under external force of gravity during the creative process - its is expressing its free will that it does not like or share the values from which it repulses - hence this is the first form of free will which subsequently got processed to higher level at each level or stage of creation.

Motion(behaviour)of matter continued to change at each stage of creation from simple motion of celestial bodies at universe stage to chemical processes at earth stage to recepts and percepts at vegetation and animal-kingdom stage and is now reflected in the form of thought radiations at the self conscious stage of man. Not only did behaviour change at each stage of creation so did consciousness and free will got processed at each stage till we achieved self consciousness and free will as we know it.

For instance, if we look at the creation process at cosmic stage, we observe that it had developed its values under the principle of attraction and repulsion. Attraction and repulsion show free will. Although attraction is a constructive force yet during the creative activity of life its repulsive tendency indicates its free choice. At the creative stage of animal, the instincts of flight and concealment and the instinct of pugnacity may be called the instincts of repulsion. As against these, there are those instincts and innate tendencies that cause the animal to attract or get attracted by objects that are favourable to it. Among these, are the parental, the gregarious and sex instincts etc. These instincts may be called the instincts of attraction. Attraction and repulsion are the fundamental characteristics of consciousness for its activity.


1.Each stage of creation is living and alive with its own form of consciousness and aware of its PURPOSE of its existence from within.
2.Creation in the making can never give laws and directions on its own without prior understanding -- that external guidance is provided in the form of law through revelation to "model species" which act as an example for others to follow at the creations own conscious level as indicated and explained below 41(12).Without this law there is no creation.
3. Creation has been granted free will to choose and attain values freely as clearly indicated in verse 41(11) above.

This process is still a creation because WILL OF GOD always prevails. After this when creation goes astray or deviates from the purpose the creation itself removes those from the face of this earth. Let there be no doubt there is NO CREATION WITHOUT THE CREATOR AND ALLAH IS THE BEST OF CREATOR WITH AN Ingenious CREATIVE PROCESS.


1)"He (Allah) has CREATED the HEAVENS and the earth with Truth" 16(3)
One has to ask the question Truth of what? And the answer comes naturally the TRUTH OF DIVINE LAW --- Laws of nature are nothing but the laws of the Creator Himself. This Divine Law represents Gods Will.

2)"Then He ordained them seven heavens in two periods, and He assigned to each heaven its mandate by revelation. And We adorned the lower heaven with luminaries and provided it a guard. Such is the decree of All Mighty, Full of Knowledge" 41(12)[translation taken from Dr Maurice Bucaille book The Bible, The Quran and Science -1990 print from India page 136 ] The explanation for this verse has to be broken down in two parts:

a)Seven Heavens.
In the opinion of the author the seven heavens referred to are the five categories of galaxies as identified by the astronomers to date plus the other two which are yet to be identified. The astronomers have sought to define the fundamental parameters, which categorise galaxies and have endeavoured to formulate a method of classification. The classification covers physical difference other than the straightforward morphology such as (a) dynamical development of galaxies; (b) chemical development of galaxies; and (c) development of the colours of galaxies. Elliptical galaxies are redder than spiral galaxies. This is interpreted as difference in their stellar constituents. On the basis of different specialities in mass, colour, chemical composition, physical morphology etc. astronomers have so far classified the galaxies into five main groups (HEAVENS) as under:

1.Heaven consisting of Elliptical Galaxies: Galaxies falling in this category are oval shaped and can be up to three times the size of our own galaxy.
2.Heavens consisting of Spiral Galaxies: Galaxies falling in this category have arms, which swing out, in semi-circle from a nucleus. Our own galaxy, the Milky Way falls in this category.
3.Heavens consisting of Barred Galaxies: These galaxies have a bar-shaped nucleus with two arms curving out from the end of the bar.
4.Heavens consisting of Irregular Galaxies: These galaxies consist of a somewhat smaller groupings of stars with no particular shape.
5.Heavens consisting of Starburst galaxies: These galaxies are also called radio galaxies. The galaxies falling in this category produce infrared radiation. These galaxies consist of brilliant stars, which exists as the powerful source of radiation.

Apart from the categories given above, there is one to two percent of observed galaxies, which are considered abnormal in the sense that it is impossible to classify them as yet. The Holy Quran mentioned seven categories of heavens. Cosmology is still in its infancy and the astronomers are confident that with the improvement in telescopes and detectors, they will be able to classify the remaining galaxies as well.

b)Mandate By Revelation.
Revelation of Mandate as stated in verse 41(12) is clear proof that each of the seven heavens were given a separate and distinct law and this Law could have only been given to the "MODEL GALAXIES" (OR SOMETHING OF THAT NATURE AS AN EXAMPLE) through revelation as stated at creations own conscious level such that their influence and example brought into line the rest of the universe in submission to that Law. This revelation of Law is in fact revelation of Gods Will and is always manifested through "model species". Further more the verse 41(11) clearly establishes that God granted Free Will to all His creation otherwise if God created the universe physically Himself the question of willingly or unwillingly could not possibly arise. The Creation comes into existence as an act of love for its Creator following the Divine Law and the guidance provided. Creation is never independent of its Creator--God is the Planner, Designer, Architect, Sustainer & Nourisher of all HIS creation and not for one second can the creation last without its Creator.

3.Model Species At Every Stage Of Creation

The fact that at the Animal Stage , different kind of animal species lived as "ideal" groups as do the ideal groups of the mankind and continued to live through struggle until the stage accomplished its perfection in the model species in the physical form of Man is thus beautifully revealed in the Holy Quran: "There is not an animal in the earth nor a flying creature flying on two wings, but they are peoples like unto you. We have neglected nothing in the Book (of Our decrees). Then unto their Lord they will begathered." --- 6(38)

4.At the Psychological or Self-conscious Stage of Man -- PROPHETS

Even the guidance through prophets in due regard to the free will of Man was never thrust upon as a compulsion. It was left open to every individual either to accept it or to reject it.


1. An Invitation and a Command from the Creator --"BE"
2. Revelation of Divine Law at Creations own conscious level to "MODEL SPECIES".
3. Example of the "MODEL SPECIES" for the rest of the creation to observe and follow. This process is not open ended but comes an endas creation approaches the level self sufficiency.
4. The Creation comes into existence as an act of love for its Creator following that Law and Guidance.
5. The Will of GOD always prevails without God lifting the finger and the same creative process by free will for the entire creation from tiny particle to self-conscious man.

Stages Of Creation.

I) Universe Its Origin.
Starting from Big Bang the universe created itself in stages following the Divine Will as revealed in the form of LAW through "model examples" for the love of Creator by following the principle of attraction and repulsion, which also signifies the free will. The behaviour of the universe can only be described in the form of movements of celestial bodies with respect to each other. This behaviour can be called stereo-typed and can be expressed in mathematical equations i.e. so many light years, earth take 24 hours to rotate, 365 day in year and so on. Behaviour is an attribute of life no matter how stereotyped; it is still an essence of consciousness. Life at this stage was in an unconscious state or material state of life - the state in which bodies played consciousness under the stimulus of attraction and repulsion caused by external processes.

II. The Earth – Higher And Different Kind Of Rational Order outside the Cosmos.
Earth can be understood on an analogy of living organism. It started its journey from gaseous state and created itself following the Divine Will as revealed through "model examples" by free choice following the principle of attraction and repulsion. Acting in unified order it harnessed infinite number of substances (minerals). The behaviour of these substances can be expressed in chemical equations. This can also be called acted or played form of consciousness, a degree higher than that of the universe, as evident from the soil of the earth, which is different from the rest of the universe.

 III. The Vegetables: Creative Stage (Semi– Conscious Life).
The vegetable life recast the behaviour of matter processed at the physical Earth in the form of various species of vegetables under higher rational (conscious) plan of the Vegetable Stage. If we take the physical laws as the elementary measurements with which the Planet Earth fashioned itself and developed its atmosphere, we could see these measurements recast with greater intelligence at the higher Vegetable Stage in the form of beautiful flowers, their delightful colours, sizes and shapes of plants, proportion of tender branches and their leaves as well as in the kinds of fruits and their juices. All these artistic manifestations are based on complete mathematical equations in so harmonious proportions that they decorated the Earth like the paradise.

 IV. The Animals: Creative Stage of Senses (Perceptual Life).
At this stage life started in an insignificant organism of amoeba and then making its way through uncountable species of animals, it reached its completion at the start of the Human Stage of creation. It is very important to note that it was due to the higher conscious enlightenment of animal with which it differentiated the characteristics of various objects, such as darkness and light, remoteness and vicinity, coldness and heat, solidity and liquidity etc. In other words, the new conscious values developed by Animal stage were not known to the preceding stages. The Animal as a higher creative stage relevant to its higher conscious enlightenment determined these. The Animal detected only those properties, which were useful and necessary for onward march of life stages. The Animal ultimately perfected its sense perceptions in one of its leading species which appeared immediately before the emergence of Human Stage and which served as the physical organism for Man.

 V. Man – The Creative Stage of Self-Conscious or "Self".
"The creation of Adam is not his physical body but his attaining of the mental state of Self-consciousness, from there on, man exists in a non-material state, a state of Self-illumination--- call it soul, in his mind and that where all new values will be earned." The significance of Adam being that he was the first human being to cross the barrier of Self-consciousness. However, in time all similar species achieved Self-consciousness in a universal way. We are informed that Adam had two sons and so we can safely assume that there must be people around for them to marry.

 It is because of soul that we developed a language because it retains every image it sees; records every word it hears; and every thought that you might have had remains preserved from within. In short it is a microchip within us. Self-consciousness (soul) being an attribute of the Creator will not die; it already exists beyond the barrier of time and space. The most important point to be noted is that in all the creative stages preceding the Self-conscious Stage of Man, the conscious values were preserved and passed on by each species in kind and not in "Person" or "Self". The values preserved at the human stage are "Personal" as implied in the words "Conscious Self". If we take away the "Conscious Self" no conscious values pertaining to the self or person can exist or survive. Life must protect those hard earned values in its minutest detail, as otherwise the process of creation cannot proceed.

 From the day Adam achieved self consciousness we are in a state of mental development (change) and the reality of life is constant progressive change -- that change is in one direction towards higher and higher consciousness. If we analyse the entire creation we discover that rationality prevails in all previous conscious orders that is Universe, Earth Vegetation and Animal Kingdom. Having completed the creative process they have become immutable and just maintain themselves under the procreative process developed by them and the only order where the creative process is still active is the self-conscious man. However, man's direction is also rational but as his intellect is in the "making" (conscious mind is to soul / self what digestive system was to the physical brain) he cannot determine laws, values and direction on his own without prior understanding - that guidance has been provided in the form of law in Quran just as it was provided to every group of people on the face of this earth by various prophets from Adam to Jesus and it was also provided to all previous conscious orders under the principle of "Emergent Evolution". (Model Species)

 Some Fundamental Laws Of Creation.

1.The development had taken place in stages. A stage of development when it had run its course got sealed, immutably fixing the values attained at the stage. Next stage, simultaneously starting at its lowest rung, dominated the earlier stages as it progressed. If this was not so, the book claims, and had the process of development continued unchecked at each stage (varieties kept coming up) there would have been chaos and higher forms of life would not have emerged.

 2.Each higher stage, which succeeds, appears at an infinite higher conscious level over all the preceding stages. The difference is not in degree but in kind as well, had this not been the case we would never been able to classify the stages.

 3.What we call universe in fact consists of built up rational/life orders raised one upon the other in one direction. The development of universe in successive rational stages implies that there exist infinite gulfs between the intelligence and conscious level of the stages. However, these gulfs not withstanding the universe behaves in a perfect rational order and the book describes a marvellous process through which each successive stage bridges the infinite gap between the conscious and intellectual; levels of the different stages and gives a unified rational order to the universe. It also describes the process how the nature gives direction, determines values and provides laws to each higher stage which succeeds simultaneously on closing of the preceding stage. According to the book since each higher rational order which appeared simultaneously on closing of the proceeding stage cannot come down from its higher conscious enlightenment, therefore, Nature provides laws, determines values and gives direction from within the stage relevant to conscious level of the stage. The sole aim of creation is to attain greater cognition of its Creator by inculcating attributes as revealed by the Creator and ultimately live as a realised Ideal of the Creator with HIM forever. At the self-conscious stage of the man this guidance was provided to humanity whenever it slumbered or deviated from the right direction through sudden creation of highly self-conscious men we know them as prophets. At the organic stages of Animals and vegetables this guidance was provided by the Nature from within each respective stage in the physical form of "model species". At the creative stage of Earth, Nature provided laws and guidance in the physical form of "model planets" and this creative process ultimately culminated with the creation of perfect physical laws in the unified order on the planet Earth. Similarly, Nature seems to have provided the laws and direction at the Cosmos by creating various kinds of "model galaxies" at the High and Low Energy Phases of the processing of the matter.

 Lower Stages Can Never Give Birth To Higher Stages.

The reason of our failure to understand the universe as a creation is that we think the lower stages are responsible for raising the universe. (A misleading concept). There is always a purpose behind creation and if we do see the purpose working in the creation we could be sure of the Creator of the universe. Just as each soul or life lives in a unit, similarly the purpose lives in a unit. Identical to the surface of the earth which cannot be expressed as from where it starts and where it ends, the purpose also has no beginning or end. It is the purpose, which starts and not the lower stages as such which determine the purpose. The lower stages, independent of the purpose, can lead nowhere. If these stages appear to have proceeded towards the purpose, it proves that the purpose itself is working in these stages.

 Let us, therefore, keep in mind, that when we say that on completion of the preceding stage, the higher conscious values of life emerge, we mean that these new values are not determined by the lower conscious stages, but these values appear from above, that is, these follow from the Purpose. These values do not evolve rather these descend from the Purpose, which always lives with the Creator in unit.

 The creation of the universe in various stages vis-à-vis the purpose behind creation may perhaps be explained by quoting a simple example of the construction of a building. Let us suppose that our purpose is to construct a building. At the outset we will dig the foundation and then build it to the desired level. On completion of the foundation, the next stage will be the construction of walls on the foundation. Now for the construction of this new higher stage we cannot say that the foundation had itself known the purpose of this second phase of construction and, therefore, it is the foundation that has evolved the construction of walls. Similarly, in respect of the second phase of walls, we cannot say that the purpose for construction of the second phase of walls was the preceding stage of foundation. In fact, it is the overall purpose, which is the construction of the building that has brought about this second phase of construction. As the building continues to rise up step by step, the purpose continues to unfold itself. With the completion of the building the purpose stands completely unfolded and realised in the form of the building.

 On the analogy of the above example, we can study the various phases of the creation of the universe. Digging up the elements, which are said to be the elementary construction blocks of the universe, completed the first phase of the universe. Aligning the infinite properties of these elements into a complete physical system completed the second phase; we call them the physical laws of the Earth. In this connection the most important thing which needs our attention is that just as each higher phase of construction fully observes and respects the limitations as laid in the preceding constructive phase of the building, similarly in the case of the creation of the universe, each higher creative stage which appears simultaneously on completion of the preceding stage fully observes and respects the values so fixed in the stage and without overthrowing them builds higher and new values as an independent creative stage over it.

 Now again if we take the example of the building, we shall note that during the construction of each stage it seems that everything is in disarray. We see heaps of bricks and stones scattered at one place and at another place ditches are dug and the earth is piled along. And still at another place wood, cement and other construction materials are piled up loosely. All this shows that there is no order or discipline and that lawlessness prevails everywhere. But let us not forget that even in this state of lawlessness, the purpose continues to work and whatever the stage of construction it may be, purpose flows in each action. Accordingly, as the building continues to rise up step by step, we can see that lawlessness is replaced by order, in-discipline by discipline, and wear and tear by solid construction. Thus on completion of one phase, the second phase starts and passes through similar state of its construction and, then at the completion of the second phase, the third phase starts and so on. Now if someone takes the material and its constructive process as merely the activity of blind forces, and then as a result, when the construction appears in the shape of a beautiful building, he may consider it a mere chance or a "mechanics", he is mistaken because the lower stages are not even aware of existence of higher conscious order above it and so ignorance can never give birth to something of higher order.

 The law of the universe is one -- same creative process by free will for the entire creation from particle to self-conscious man. Understand the creative process and you will understand the oneness of God. Observe how from tiny sub atomic particle to gigantic universe all are in submission to the will of God (without God lifting the finger) by free will -- those who deviate from the "Purpose" end up on extinction files.


 Just consider a handful of examples to make your mind :

1) The Expansion rate of the Universe
If the expansion rate of the universe had been smaller by just one part in 10 to the power of 55, the universe would have collapsed back on itself before it reached its present state. If larger, galaxies would not clump together since the effects of gravity would be overwhelmed. If you don't appreciate 10 to the power of 55 then this is the actual number.
Expansion = 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 to 1
Consider that the Illinois Lotto odds of winning are = 12913583 to 1 [Sources: A Brief History of Time -Stephen W. Hawking, pg. 122-123, The Creator and the Cosmos - Hugh Ross, pg. 115-116]

 2) Electromagnetic Force
The Electromagnetic Force determines molecular bonding. If slightly stronger, the atoms would not release electrons. If slightly weaker, atoms would not hold on to electrons at all. We can conclude that unless the ratio is delicately balanced, chemical bonding for life chemistry could never take place. [Source: The Creator and the Cosmos - Hugh Ross, pg. 112-113] 

3) The Strong Nuclear Force -
The strong nuclear force governs the degree to which protons and neutrons stick together in atomic nuclei. If 3% stronger, All protons and neutrons would never break apart, there could be no hydrogen. If 2% weaker, protons and neutrons would not stick together leaving us with only helium in the universe. As you may know, stars are made mostly of two elements; hydrogen and helium, not one or the other. [Source: The Creator and the Cosmos - Hugh Ross, pg. 112-113]

 4) The Small Excess of Matter over Antimatter-
"If there had not been a small excess of electrons over anti-electrons, and quarks over anti-quarks, then ordinary particles would be virtually absent in the universe today. It is this early excess of matter over antimatter, estimated to be as one part in about 10 to the power of 10, that survived to form light atomic nuclei three minutes later [after the Hot Big Bang], then after a million years to form atoms and later to be cooked to heavier elements in stars ultimately to provide the material from which life would arise." [Source: - Stephen Weinberg, "Life in the Universe," The Scientific American (October 1994, pg. 45)]

 5) If the oceans had been deeper by just a few more feet, they would have absorbed all available Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen, and no vegetation of any kind could have survived upon the earth's surface.

 6) Oxygen is the source of life and is not obtainable from any source other than atmosphere. But had it formed 50% of the atmosphere or more, instead of the present 21% combustibility of all matter on the earth's surface would have been so high that even if just a single tree caught fire, whole forests would at once explode. Similarly, had the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere been as low as 10% life might conceivably have adjusted to this over the centuries, but it is unlikely that human civilisation would have taken its present form. And if the matter present on the earth's surface had absorbed all of the free oxygen instead of only a part, no animal life would have been possible at all.

 7) Along with oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon gases in their free form as well as in the form of different compounds are the most important ingredients of life - the very foundations, in fact, on which our life rests. There being not even one chance in a 100 million that all those elements should have assembled in such favourable proportions on any other planet at any one given time, we have to ask ourselves how it came about that such freely moving gases formed themselves into a compound and remained suspended in the atmosphere in exactly the right proportions to sustain life.

 8) For instance, the density of ice is less than that of water, because, as it freezes, its volume increases in relation to its mass. It is because of this that ice floats instead of sinking to the bottom of lakes and rivers and gradually forming a solid mass. On the surface of the water, it forms a layer of insulation to maintain the water below at a temperature above freezing point. Fish and other forms of marine life are thus permitted to survive throughout the winter, and, when spring comes, the ice melts rapidly. If water did not behave in this way, all of us in general, and people in cold countries in particular, would face severe calamities. Clearly this property of water is tremendously important to life.

 9) The tilt of earth 23.5 degree axial of orbit, or ecliptic, about the sun results in long winter nights and long summer days alternating between both polar regions and causing seasonal variations in climate. The habitable area of the earth in thus doubled and our earth sustains a greater diversity of plant life than would be possible on a stationary globe.

 10) The dry land is a stable platform for much terrestrial life. The soil provides the minerals which plant life assimilates and transforms into needful foods for animals. The presence of metals near the surface renders the arts of civilisation possible.

 These are just a handful of examples which can be multiplied many fold which make the art of life possible --- to say these properties are accidental is to defy mathematics. On the contrary it is the purpose which is working its way through from chaotic stage of agitation from the source separated at the time of big bang towards normalisation in the form of higher and higher living and intellectual orders and each of these succeeds in different kinds of intellect and conscious enlightenment. The Creator can be understood on the analogy of an Actor on the stage (i.e. attributes in the creation) and an Audience (JUDGE) at the same time and He conveys the Purpose in the manner described earlier on in the article which the creation achieves by "Free Choice" and then selects from amongst His creation those who come closest to His Will for further creative activity.


 If life exists beyond planet Earth in the form as we know it -- it would be a conclusive proof that it is purposeless -- it exists where circumstances are right and is based upon chance -- Creation by definition is to create something new not merely repeat or duplicate. Repetition of values accomplished at a certain stage is against the developmental processes of the universe. Thus according to this law higher life process must proceed on the Planet earth which first of all accomplished the unified physical laws on it. If we assume that even after completion of unified physical laws on Earth, Nature still continued to develop physical laws on other planets it would have implied that Nature has no higher aim or purpose behind the development of the Universe. It should be noted that the creative activity has not yet stopped at the earth as it still in progress at the top (present) creative stage of man. This creative activity consists in the development of his Self-knowledge in the form of Self-illumination and not in a still greater development and complication of his brain and body which have since become immutable.

 Before Planet Earth achieved its higher awareness every planet in this universe was a contender for life and any traces of pre life form on Mars are a proof enough that once earth achieved its higher awareness all further creative activity was directed on earth and continues to do so until the present day. > From the entire cosmos only earth achieved next state of awareness: from the million of species that walked this earth only one specie achieved self consciousness; from the billions of souls/selfs only one type will achieve the highest status (heaven)--what will differentiate the various souls is the level and grade of psychic development attained by them while living attached with the material universe through the perceptual system of their physical bodies.

 Human being is unique and rightfully the ruler of all that which exists. It is the Human Self or Soul, which is the real universe. Without it, the whole splendour, might concord and beauty of the Cosmos has no meaning. Man formulates laws of mathematics as a product of his own mind which conforms to nature that prevails in the universe--meaning that his mind contains all that exists outside in cosmos already. Man stands at the top creative order of the whole universe and a single Human Soul/Self is mightier than this material universe

 Sex Instinct Is Carved Out Of Love and Beauty.

 At whatever stage life may be, it must have consciously or unconsciously spiritual love for its Creator. At inorganic and organic stages, life satisfied this love by dividing itself into two complementary units of attraction from within. We call it polarity at inorganic stages and sex at organic stages. We should know that life is the art of the Creator and, therefore, insofar as it was not yet directly aware of its Creator, its love for itself from within through dividing its conscious attributes in two sex attraction, in fact, amounted to loving the attributes of the Creator. It is evident from the fact that it is aesthetic appreciation and love of beauty of its "own kind" which is ultimately replaced by the inferior kind of pleasure derived from the sexual act. This can be seen in the behaviour of birds and insects who are at first attracted by the beauty of colour, song, or plumage of their opposite sex. This indicates that sex instinct has been carved out of spiritual love. Had it not been carved out of spiritual love, life would not have procreated itself at all.

 Heaven And Hell And Life After Death.

Heaven and Hell are two states of the same soul, you are in hell by your own realisation that you lack the attributes which could have only be attained during your worldly stay by following God's commandments and you missed the boat. Similarly the Human Soul which comes as a clean state continue to preserve all the values and events from within and when the Self-conscious Stage as a whole reaches completion and enters a higher tier of life, every Human Soul would construct its universe under the higher enlightenment vis-à-vis the values earned by it during its worldly life. If a germ cell under the physical laws can act as a physical mind to reproduce values in minutest detail, we can be sure that Human Self or Soul which has inherent reflection of the Creator (not the shape but the spiritual urge that every human being is born with to seek its Creator) it would not simply reproduce but in fact instantly bring forth events and values it lived and watch them as if played on the screen.

 Last but not the least, in whatever society man may live, whatever culture he belongs to, the creative process of the Creator leaves no excuses for him that he has been deprived of the spiritual light, provided he cared to understand.


This article based on implied conclusions drawn from the book entitled Universe Beyond which can downloaded from the following site.